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Do 49ers Need Huge Offseason?

49ers fans have been dreaming about the 2019 offseason ever since week three, when Jimmy Garoppolo went down, along with the hopes and dreams of all of Niner Nation. We want Earl Thomas, Antonio Brown, Joey Bosa, Dante Fowler, and pretty much every other big name there is out there. The Rams did it, why can’t we? However, the question is not “would it be awesome to have these guys?”, but rather¬† “Do the 49ers need all these assets to have success next year?”. For a team that went 4-12 last season, the answer may surprise you.

Yes, the 49ers need help, and quite a bit of it. They have no quality number one wide receivers, and no legit pass rushers to help out DeForest Buckner. However, they are much closer than it appears on the surface to competing for a Super Bowl, and Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch know it. It seems safe to assume, at this point, that the 49ers will be drafting a pass rusher in April, which eliminates our biggest need. Next, wide receiver and secondary help must be addressed in some shape or form. Now, while I don’t believe the 49ers need to make big, splash free agency signings and spend all their money in one offseason, it is imperative we add to our roster, and add valuable pieces at that. It may not be possible to get all the top available guys, but that is not what we need. I would love Antonio Brown, but Golden Tate, a free agent in 2019, would be a perfect fit for us. He would be a possession guy who could line up next to Marquis Goodwin, whom defenses but respect his speed. That should take the top off the defense and allow Tate to eat up 8-10 yards at a time, with some big YAC plays always a plus with Tate. Maybe we won’t get Earl Thomas, but Landon Collins, Lamarcus Joyner, or even Ha Ha Clinton Dix would all be ginormous improvements over what we currently have. If the 49ers are able to pick up any of these guys, they will be one step closer to the ultimate goal.

While the 49ers may not need the kind of offseason the Rams had a year ago, where they seemingly picked up every single top free agent, it is definitely imperative that they go out and nab some guys in our areas of need. It’s not feasible to think we can pay Early Thomas AND Antonio Brown, but the 2nd or 3rd best options for free agency is very doable. The 49ers do NOT need to have the best free agent class ever come in for 2019, but they absolutely must add the appropriate pieces to put themselves in a position to succeed. And with this coaching staff and management team, I expect the 3rd year to be the charm for San Francisco, who should be a dark horse to land some of the top guys available. The rest of the NFL better take notice, because we. Are. Coming.

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