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Here’s what the starting lineup should look like on offense

With the San Francisco 49ers season looking more and more lost, Kyle Shanahan and Co. need to start playing for the future, which might lead to two steps back before the one leap in the future. Niner Noise proposes how to begin by starting with the offense.

So, yeah. This San Francisco 49ers season did not go as planned. Sure, turnovers and other issues have plagued the team, but when you lose your starting backfield by Week 3, not to mention that one of those players being your best offensive weapon, you’re probably not gonna be too good.

Now that basically every single pundit, fan and expert know that the 49ers are playing for pride, it’s time the coaches and the front office embrace this idea. It is a tough thing to hear, of course, but the 49ers have far too many holes to sacrifice NFL Draft position. Last year, the Niners lucked out with choosing offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey in Round 1 of the draft, who has been an absolute stud. But this year, having an unnecessary winning streak might leave the 49ers missing out on top prospects like EDGE Nick Bosa or defensive tackle Ed Oliver.

This is not the draft you want to be sliding in.

Apart from that, the 49ers also need to find out who their studs are. I mean, at this point, you could count on one hand the number of building blocks the Niners have for the future: defensive tackle DeForest Buckner, tight end George Kittle and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Now, before you go rushing to the comment section to bash me for not adding other players, understand this. These other players such as McGlinchey and linebackers Fred Warner and Reuben Foster to name a few, have simply not shown enough over a consistent period of time. They are valuable and talented pieces, but cornerstones, I think not.

But there is young talent on this team. And given how this season is turning out, it’s time the 49ers play to lose. Not by actively trying to lose games, of course, but rather by not putting the most “talented” lineup out there. Rather, if the team focuses on testing out youth and potential building-block pieces, then if losses happen to come by, so be it.

Now I know that people may get worried that I will start benching random players left and right, which would really take away from the credibility of this article. So, obviously, I won’t be doing that.

Rather, these will be pretty obvious moves that have to be made. With all that stated, we begin with the most important position of all: the quarterback.

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